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Urgent News

This is the reason that our milk program and nutrition programs are so important.

Sharon Smart-Poage
registered 501.(c).(3) Non Profit Charity

Our New Mailing address for donations by check has changed and from now on is:

P.O. Box 653
Tewksbury, MA 01876

Scan this QR code to Donate to Mayan Families on your Smart Phone.

Operating Mayan Families and its various projects are dependent upon individual donations. Individual and group donations of any size are greatly appreciated. As little as $10 or $20 does make a difference! All the families we help are impoverished so any donation will make a real life difference in reducing a struggling family's daily hardship.

Mayan Families is a non-profit, tax-exempt charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax-deductible.

Support Our Work

Donation List:

You may also Donate a One Time Gift. 

Food Donations:

$40 Large Basket of Food


$25 Snack Basket of Food

$15 Basic Packet of Food

$150 Food to feed a family for one month

$50 100 lb bag of Corn (This makes tortillas for a family of five, 3 meals a day, for approximately two weeks)

$107 100 lb of Black Beans 

$6.50 Carton of 30 Eggs 

Birthday and Holiday Gift Donations:

$25 Large Birthday Cake (for the entire family)

$45 Large Birthday Cake (for entire family) AND a Birthday Gift (hula hoop, soccer ball, doll, or stuffed animal)

$20    Birthday or Christmas Gift  (Soccer ball, doll, toy car or 
                            stuffed animal)


Furniture Donations:

$58 Double Mattress

$170 Bed and Mattress 


$7.50      Pillow - Hypo Allergenic


$25 Blanket

$186 Onil Fuel-Efficient Stove (Training included)

$20          Water Filter Table


$28 Small table

$47 Medium table

$60 Large table

$17 Simple chair

$56 Small Table with 2 Chairs

$103 Medium Table with 4 Chairs 

$140 Large Wooden Table with 6 Chairs 

$130 Pila, a two sided cement wash basin/sink for Washing

$170 Family Wardrobe-Medium

$190 Family Wardrobe-Large 

$98 Hope Chest

$200 Kitchen cabinet, large

$130 Kitchen cabinet, small

Furniture from our Carpentry Trade School 

$88 Table 4 ft x 4 ft Pine
$108 Table 3 ft x 7 ft Pine
$74 Book case, no doors, 4 ft x 4 ft
$149 Book case with doors, 4 ft x 4 ft
$104 Kitchen cabinet

Clothing Donations:

$185 Traditional Clothing Adults (Solola)

$159 Traditional Clothing Adult

 $135 Traditional Clothing Girls up to 11 years old (Solola)                                     

$116 Traditional Clothing Girls up to 11 years

$27 Traditional Belt Adult

$13 Traditional Belt Girls up to 11 years old

$28 Traditional Apron

$20 Kids Soccer Jersey, long lasting.

$42 Leather Shoes Adult

$35 Leather Shoes Child

$9.50 Plastic Shoes 

Tools and Rain Gear:

$10 Umbrella

$22         Big Family Style Golf Umbrella

$15/19     Rainboots Child / Adult

$15/20 Rain cape Child / Adult

$7 Machete

$8.50 Shovel

$19.50 Garden Hoe

$13.50 Garden Rake


Health and Wellness Donations:

$116  Water Filter Complete, good for approximately 1 Million Gallons or approximately 10 years. (Includes a small table)

$48 Water Filter Replacement Cartridges, good for 1 to 2 years. (These are for the old filter, we no longer utilize these).

$42 Family Health Pack (Family of 5) Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Kotex, Soap, Clothes detergent, Dishwashing detergent. 

$25 Reusable Sanitary Pads, handsewn by Guatemalan seamstresses (includes 12 cotton outer liners, 15 innerliners, 4 pairs of underwear)

$15 Disposable Diapers (For elderly, special needs, or sick children)

$56 Baby Formula for babies 12 months and under for 1 month

$35 Milk for infants 12 months and older for 1 month

$15 Incaparina for children over 24 months (vitamin enriched protein drink)


Income Generating Activities:

$56 Egg Laying Hens + 1 month of chicken feed (These provide a family with  a supplemental income and food)

$12  Chicken Feed for one month

$75  Carpentry School class for Beginner and Intermediate

$75 Sewing Classes for an eligible woman (6 months of classes twice a week)

$75 Computer classes for eligible students (6 months of classes           for students from 6-9 grade, 2 times per week)

Email education@mayanfamilies.org for info.

To let someone know that you have made a donation to Mayan Families and make charitable giving during the holidays a little easier, we have a set of Greeting Cards available to download and print.

If you wish to donate by check, please make it payable to Mayan Families and mail it to:
P.O. Box 653
Tewksbury, MA  01876

If you wish to donate online, a safe and secure way to donate, please follow the steps below.

General    $    (Where most needed!)
Education    $   (includes general education & sewing classes.)
Community Aid    $   (includes general family aid, milk & food, chickens, holiday baskets, stoves, water filters.)
Healthy Families    $    
Animal Welfare    $    
Micro Loans    $    
Construction    $    
Administration    $    
Student Sponsorship    $  
Student ID #
A student's ID is given when you become a sponsor. To become a sponsor, please go to Sponsor a Student.
Student Sponsorship    $  
Student ID #
Student Sponsorship    $  
Student ID #
Family Aid    $  
Family Name
Family Aid    $  
Family Name
Find costs for family table, bed, stove, etc. at Family Aid.
Other    $  
Extra Notes      

  You will be taken to a summary, then PayPal checkout.